Welcome to BAAM Wine! We are wine entrepreneurs with love & respect for local wine and its traditions, and with passion to act as intermediator between wine makers versus professionals (B2B) and consumers (B2C). 

We support wine makers with an innovative distribution infrastructure & sales service to un look market potential in Scandinavia.

Our aim is to be natural speaking partner to develop innovative solutions to create business opportunities.


How we work?

At BAAM we always strive to do things smarter and more effective, with hands on experience! 

With more then 30 years of experiance from  management consultancy industry; we are use to analyse, design and implement organisational and IT-infrastructure  improvements.

We started BAAM Wine 2023 to explore and improve wine distribution process; "minimize the distance between wine maker and consumers". We have established an infrastructure to distribution and make sale offerings in the Danish and Swedish markets making.

BAAM uses this infrastructure to operates import and sales wine & food. We like to provide infrastructure as a service to wine makers, where we can offer advisory, operational and/or a full importing and sales service. We tailor the services to each wine makers needs.

We work close with wine making partners to ensure high quality wine, sustainable and ethical production and distribution methods to a fair price.   

We are in the wine business to develop and tailor partnership to the wine makers and consumers needs!

How we sell?

We act in/from Øresund region with great access to south of Sweden and the Copenhagen area.  The region includes 4.200.000 inhabitant, 24 Michelin start restaurants, well-known for gourmet tourism and wealth (high spending on good wine and food).

Our sales service is limited to Danish and Swedish market, focused on selling high quality wine in a responsible and sustainable way.  

We offer sales vs professionals (B2B) and private customer (B2C). Our price includes all local/country tax requirement. Transport is offered separately. 

Our sales channels are via :

  • Swedish monopoly “Systembolaget” where we are approved vendor. Working through Systembolaget we get access to over 450 + online stores, with 127 millions customer visits etc. (Systembolaget explained)

  • Direct sales versus professional establishment, where we tailor offerings to the needs, meaning that we can act as intermediator/importer or  establish direct import from wine makers.

  • All of BAAM Wine can be accessed through our web portals. Portals are divided into B2C sales and B2B sales.

We communicate and promote offerings through social media, newsletters, organized tasting venues etc.

BAAM also provide advisory and operational service where wine maker wants to act in Scandinavian market under their own brand/company or via other companies.  

How we select producers?

Local specialists 

We select our producers – by engaging local specialist to select a range of potential producers. In the process we start with establish selection criteria’s that are derived for markets needs and our core values.

Knowing our producers products 

Core element is that producers have a high-end product, using sustainable and ethical production methods and operate relative small-scale business with long history. 

From this stage we make contact and personal visit to evaluate offerings at hand and business potential from from both parties.

Knowing our partners

Being an intermediator and service provider in the market place, we need to ensure that all our partners fullfil legal, business and ethical requirements at all time. 

We assist our wine makers to understand and comply to market requirements as an ongoing process in our relationship. 

Our products

We are focused on wine & food from France, one of the biggest wine-producer in the world and well-known for its top-quality wine and food.  


Wine makers

Our core products are represented by the wine makers and thier offerings!

We assist wine makers to bring their products to the market place and eventually to a dining table in Scandinavia. 


Operational & Advisory service

We have an establish infrastructure to support sales in Denmark and Sweden that we operate  under our company brand BAAM Wine.

Our operational and advisory service is based know-how from operate our own wine importing and sales business. We focus solutions that are cost effective / suited for small wine makers.

Food & Accessories

Enjoying your favorite wine can be as casual or formal as you’d like. Regardless, there are many accessories today that can enhance your wine-sipping and eating experience.

We provide food & assesories to accompany  wine makers or B2Bs offerings. 

About BAAM

BAAM Wine is a business area within BAAM Consulting AB. BAAM Consulting AB was founded in 2017 by Benny Larsson. 
We support wine makers with a distribution infrastructure, sales & operational services to un look market potential in Scandinavia. We have a close colaboration with our partners ensure high quality wine, sustainable and ethical production and distribution methods to a fair price.   
Benny Larsson

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Office in France

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